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WD Challenge - Day 23 - Courage

“Courage, my friend, you can do this.” My best friend’s advice resonates in my ears, blocking out all other words. Courage.

“We will get through this.” Our family mourns the death of our beloved patriarch, dead under the branch of a hateful tree. Courage.

“You’ve got this.” Declares the coffee mug my sister gave me when we were still close. Courage.

“You’ve been through this before. It will be alright.” I hug my son. Courage.

“Babies come when you least expect them.” A silent prayer to the universe. Courage.

“We’re getting old.” My husband holds my hand. Courage.

With every act of courage comes hope, never-ending hope, that the words will give us the strength to carry on. In fear’s shadow, courage emboldens us to do what we think is impossible, even when we are not sure of its presence by our side.


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