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WD Challenge - Day 22 - Bulletin Board Announcements

{Signs posted on a bulletin board of the laundry room in an apartment building}

Hi, just moved in. Looking for an electrician to help with minor rewiring. Appreciate any recommendations. Apt 201 :)

{Response to initial sign}

Apt 201, check with the Super. That’s his job. Apt 304

{Note tacked over 304’s response}

Thanks 304, he’s too busy. Need repairs done now. Apt 201

{Sentence scribbled on Apt 201’s response}

Google it!

{Note added to bulletin board}

Dear Apartment 201, welcome to our building. I hope you like it here. Please call Jim at 202 477 2904. He’s an excellent electrician and has done lots of work for me. He is punctual and his rates are reasonable. He will also give you a free estimate. He is really very good and such a sweet, caring man. Looking forward to meeting you. Your neighbor, Anna, Apartment 203

{Response to Apt 203’s message}

Thanks 203. Called Jim and made appointment. Sounds great. Thanks again. :) Apt 201

{Message for Apt 203}

Jim did a horrible job. Lights still not working. Don’t recommend him again. :( Apt 201

{Note added over message for Apt 203}

Anna, I’ve told you not to get involved. How many times do I have to tell you? Harold. Apt 415

{Response from 203}

Dear Apartment 201, I am so sorry it didn’t work out, my dear. I am so saddened by the news. People can be so disappointing. I hope you don’t hold this against me, and we can still be friends. Sincerely sorry, Anna Apartment 203

{Note from Jim, the electrician}

Hey lady, I stand by my work. There must be some misunderstanding. I’ll check it out and fix the problem.

Hey Anna, don’t you worry. I’m going to make it right.

{Note attached to bulletin board}

I’d like to apologize for my comments about Jim. Showed me GIF switch! My bad. All’s good. 

{Message from Anna in Apt 203}

Dear Jim and Apartment 201, I am so glad things turned out fine and everyone is happy. Jim you have restored my faith. Thank you. Please drop in sometime for coffee. Have a nice day. Anna, Apartment 203.

{Sign posted on bulletin board two months later}

Join us for beer and wine next Sunday at 3pm. We got hitched. Jim and Apartment 201

{Message from Anna in Apt. 203}

See Harold, there can be happy endings. Cheers everyone!


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