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WD Challenge - Day 17 - How To Make Your Bed

You've heard the advice: to be successful, first make your bed. I'm going to teach you how.

Start with clean sheets that are the correct size for your bed. Bedsheets should be changed at least once a week. The same applies to pillowcases and comforter. There's no sense in washing your face if you're going to leave your feet dirty.

Make sure there's nothing on the bed before your start. You got to get rid of the old if you want a new beginning.

Stand on one side of the bed and unfold the fitted sheet first. Check for the long and short sides. How many times have you tried to stick the short side of the sheet on the long side of the bed, wasted a bunch of time, only to give up in defeat? Whoever said you can't fit a square peg in a round hole wasn’t kidding. Pay attention.

I find it easier to start with the long side. Facing the long side of the bed, tuck the left corner first, making sure it's entirely in. If you don't do this right, you'll just have to come back and finish what you should have done right in the first place. Measure twice, cut once comes to mind.

With the left corner secured, do the same thing on the right corner. Now, go to the other side and repeat the operation, starting again with the right lower corner, which will now be the foot of the bed. If you are left-handed or directionally challenged, I've lost you by now. But it really doesn't matter, just pick a corner and start. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Finish by tucking the last corner and swiping your hand all across the bed to make sure everything is nice and smooth. Don't get back into bed. Overcome the temptation to quit, lay down and take a little nap. Quitters never win.

Next, take the flat sheet and unfold it with a swift, up and down motion. See how much air you can get under it. Imagine the sheet on a clothesline on a hill, blown by the wind, the birds chirping, the sun shining, you are standing under it, a cool breeze caressing your face. There's no purpose for this. It's just a lovely visual.

Now you have a choice to make, do you tuck the flat sheet under the mattress, or do you leave it untucked? This depends on how you feel about your toes being held down in the night. I like mine unconstrained, but I'm obsessive-compulsive, so I tightly tuck the flat sheet every morning, and every night, I pull it off like a Band-Aid, so my feet and toes are unhampered to wander all night. Experiment with this. Variety is the spice of life.

The pillowcases come next. This is self-explanatory. After all, how difficult is it to stuff a pillow into its case? Duh!

Lastly, the comforter. This takes a little bit of stamina because depending on your bed's size and the comforter's quality, it can be tricky. You want a substantial comforter, one that shouts, "I belong on this bed." After all the work with the fitted and flat sheets, no one ever sees them, but your comforter is out there for everyone's inspection. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. Get it right.

Some may ask, what about the little decorative pillows? It depends. Yes, they add a finishing touch to complement your comforter, but what does your significant other think? The most important aspect of making your bed is to prepare it for a restful night's sleep or something else, and he or she must be happy. If there's no one else, then it's totally up to you.

I hope you have found this "How To" helpful, and no, I don't know if Jeff Bezos makes his bed. Don’t test fate and make yours.


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