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WD Challenge - Day 11 - Young Love

Dear diary,

last night was the best and worst night of my life. We celebrated new year’s eve at Uncle George’s house. Yes! The uncle with the two cute sons. I was so excited and my God I have sooo much to write.

First, I looked beautiful in my red velvet dress with the big black bows and new shoes that I got for Christmas. They have heels. Not that big but anyway. Mom did a braid and put a big red ribbon at the end. I felt so beautiful. But then she made me wear that stupid coat she brings out every winter. It smells so bad. She said I had to wear it, or I’d catch a cold because it was nearly sixty-two degrees and the party was outside in the backyard. I wonder what she’d make me do if we lived in New York. Anyway, I took it off as soon as we got to the house before anyone saw me. There were so many people there Mom didn’t even notice. We had to park super far away because as always, we got there late, and my feet hurt by the time we got to the house. It didn’t matter because everyone was dancing, and I took off my shoes and joined Cecilia and Lourdes on the dance floor. Of course, I kept looking for Alex, but he wasn’t around, and I didn’t want to ask because then people would know I was looking for him. Cecilia is the only one that knows I like him, and she won’t tell a soul. She was the one that saw him first. She pushed me and I almost fell. What an idiot! Thankfully he didn’t see us. He looked so cute. He was wearing jeans and a black turtleneck. His hair is longer than the last time I saw him but oh so gorgeous and the way it falls over his eyes. Oh, I love him. We kept on dancing and then he passed real near us and I thought he was going to talk to us but he was just going to get some food. Then he came back and Oh my God, Cecilia pushed me in front of him. I thought I was going to die. He said, “Are you alright?” Oh, he was so nice. Like an idiot I couldn’t say anything, but Cecilia said, “You want to dance with us?” I couldn’t believe my ears. I wanted to kill her but he said yes. YES! we started dancing and Oh My God he’s such a good dancer and I love him. It was the best night ever!

But then something awful happened! There was some commotion at the front door and everyone stopped dancing and looked to see who had gotten there. It was Raul! I thought, what the heck, he’s supposed to be in jail. He was shaking people’s hands and hugging them and talking like if nothing. I’ve never seen anyone that’s been in jail before so I got afraid and I also got mad because in all the commotion Alex had gone inside and we didn’t dance anymore. I hate Raul! Why can’t he be like Alex? How can twins be so different? Alex is super sweet and nice and the perfect son. Raul is a mess. Always getting into trouble. I wish he had stayed in jail. Mom had told me he gotten mad one day and almost killed Alex. He’s crazy. I kept my eye on him the rest of the night, just in case he got mad or something. I didn’t see Alex again until almost midnight. Cecilia and I got close to where he was so maybe at midnight he would give me a kiss I got more and more excited as midnight got closer but Alex looked different like he was upset or something and I got worried. What if he and Raul got into another fight!?! Then everyone started shouting, three, two, one, happy new year! I was so close to Alex I knew he’d have to kiss me, how could he not well, his stupid brother got in the way and they hugged and cried forever. Then they walked inside. I didn’t see Alex the rest of the night. Well, of course, Dad wanted to leave early and that was it. The worst night of my life!


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