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Funny Things Happen When You're Stuck Inside

Share your funny stories. We can all use a laugh. Laughter could be the antidote to all viruses.

We have started to take turns where we sleep. Some days we sleep on the top floor, some in the bottom. We are trying to figure out where we can rest better but it's not working. We are not sleeping well anywhere!

We're almost out of toilet paper so when this morning I woke up with a huge allergy attack and a runny nose that would not stop, instead of using tissues or paper towels in case we have to resort to them if we can't find toilet paper, I took a hand towel to blow my nose. A while later, my paranoid, hypochondriac, "I know I have corona" husband, needed to dry his hands and out of a dozen towels he could have picked to dry his hands, he picks the hand towel, I was using to blow my nose. For God's sake, the towel wasn't even near anywhere he would have looked for towels. Well, I guess he now has whatever I have!


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