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On the road again - wearing our masks

After months of sheltering in place, we are finally on the road again. And safely I made add. We are traveling in our RV enjoying outdoor activities while keeping social distance and wearing our masks. #WearAMask

The virus seems to be making a comeback in California, Texas, Florida and other states keeping us from traveling east so we are enjoying beautiful northern California. We've visited Lake Tahoe and Napa in the last two weeks and this week we are visiting Clear Lake.

We are staying at the Aurora RV and Marina ( in Nice. Our RV is parked on the other side of the street across Clear Lake. We have a beautiful view of the lake and have enjoyed sitting by the lake in the afternoons. It is hot here, nearly 100 degrees every day, but in the afternoons by the lake, it has been most enjoyable. The park needs some work but the people have been very nice and we feel safe and comfortable. We have not had to use any of the facilities which appear to need some updating. We've visited some nearby wineries. Our favorite was Boatique Wines ( with its collection of antique wooden boats and cars. The service and the wines were excellent.

Our visit to Mendocino inspired me to take some photos to share. We did not drive the RV to Mendocino, we took our car to explore the road and I'm glad we did. This Florida girl is still not used to the winding mountain roads. On the way there, we used the RV GPS to guide us. For some reason, the GPS took us along CA253 (Boonville Road) and Albion Little Road. This road was breathtaking but extremely winding, at least the sites I saw when I would dare to open my eyes and stop praying! Boonville follows the Soda and Anderson Creeks. It is lined with redwoods that form a canopy over the road most of the way. There are also lots of wineries along the way with magnificent green vineyards dotting the fields. We used the car GPS to return to the campground. It brought us along the Bragg-Willits Road (CA20 West). I preferred the ride back because the road was less winding and more direct.

When we got to Mendocino it was cold and foggy, an almost 50-degree drop from Clear Lake, but still awesome and worth the trip. Coming from 100 degrees and thinking we were going to the beach, we were not properly dressed for the weather in Mendocino. It gave us an excuse to shop and we bought some warm clothes as soon as we arrived. Travel tip: Always bring a jacket and a blanket wherever you go. The weather varies widely here in California. We only got glimpses of the Pacific Ocean because of the fog. We are definitely going back and will take a nice hike along the coast next time. I loved the picturesque buildings with blooming gardens. There are lots of quaint shops and art galleries that are beginning to reopen. We ordered lunch at the GoodLife Cafe & Bakery ( and ate it outside on their patio. The bread pudding was delicious and so were the chocolates we bought at the Mendocino Chocolate Company; both yummy! Apparently Mendocino is famous for its availability of pot but we stayed away from that.

I wish you a safe journey wherever your travels take you.


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