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Aloha and Mahalo!

Ummm....if I close my eyes, I can still feel the warm sun and cool breeze! What a fantastic trip to Maui it was. Aloha and Mahalo to all of you!

This was our second trip to Maui and, just like the first time, the beautiful island did not disappoint. But, we got a special treat this time for which I'm most grateful. We went to the Haleakalã Crater, the summit of the volcano in Haleakalã National Park. I hate winding roads and half way to the top, I was begging Alan, my son-in-law, to turn around. Although well maintained, it is the most winding road I've ever been on and midway to the top, we could not see ten feet ahead of us. Driving through the fog on the Bay Bridge is nothing compared to driving through clouds. Thankfully Alan persevere and after a while we broke through the clouds and eventually got to the top. We were 10,053 feet above sea level!

I nearly cried and not from fear but from marveling at the beauty of nature. I witnessed the meaning of "mahalo" which means thank you and also to look upon and wonder at something glorious and magnificent to behold. Thanks be to God for this opportunity and experience. We are so blessed.

The park is a must see when you visit Maui but there's lots more to enjoy. We spent most of our vacation at sea level where we swam in the cool, crystalline waters, and watched Pacific Humpback whales from the beach and up close when we went on a Pacwhale Eco-Adventure. We even got to listen to the whales sing. Although not in unison, they all sing the same song with slight variations year after year. Thousands of humpback whales migrate from November to May to the warm, shallow waters of Maui. The picture below is a humpback whale spyhopping. It wanted to take a look at all the tourist gaping at them while they breeched, played, courted, mated, and raised their newborns. I was surprised to learn that with all the activity going on, they eat very little during their stay in Maui and burn off all the blubber they store during their time in the colder northern waters.

Aloha and mahalo my friends. May you be blessed with similar adventures!


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