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Poems for and by Non-Poets

Ever feel the urge to write a poem but have not had the courage because a little voice inside you keeps telling you that you're not a poet. I know it happens to me and I've decided to do something about it. I'm going to write my poems on this site even if there's no one to read them, even if I'm not a poet. So if you ever feel the urge, you've come to the "write" place. I'll share my poems and you can share yours.

While still in shelter, I revised my poem written on Day 7. Today is ... I have lost track of days. I also submitted it to a poetry contest through Sixfold. I need to pass the time. The results are in and I placed 190 out of 388. Not bad for a beginner, I wasn't number 388. The important thing is that I entered and in the process I read some beautiful poems by people a lot better than me. Now on to the next one. If you like to write, check out They have poetry and fiction contests going on all the time.

Shattering -in-Place



When? How? Why?

No answers yet

Fear repressed below the surface

Denial, rejection

Cannot happen here

Hysteria, panic

Terror under pressure

Isolation looking for meaning

Wakeful nights, endless days

Time blurs, activity stops

Dread loiters by my side

Standing still, wanting to jump

The future postponed

Shallow breaths, need space to exhale

Forced laughter, simulated gaiety

Ride a bike, take a walk

Write a poem, call a friend

Stay inside

Gargle, wash, disinfect, you are alright

Chills in the night, you are fine

Check for fever, one, two, three times

Stay away, keep your distance

Fear worse than death

Here's a poem I wrote on Day 7 of sheltering in place

Gargle, Gargle

You are fine

Chills in the night, bones so cold

You are fine

Check for fever, once, twice, three times

You are fine

Fear at the door packages delivered, shelves stocked

We will be fine


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